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General FAQs

What is Lavender?

Lavender is a massive community driven social sandbox centered around users expressing themselves and having a great time. We want our users to be able to create and share their ideas in an easy and intuitive manner. We support both VR and Desktop players together on the same server. We are working hard to make sure you can create exactly what you imagine with ease. Personal expression is one of the cornerstones of VR. In order to satisfy this requirement, we pack a full customizable avatar system with outfits, physics, gestures and visemes.

When is Lavender being released?

Lavender is available on Steam Early Access now. Check out Lavender on steam here.

Where can I find Lavender?

The game will be available on Steam November 25th. We plan to release on GOG, Humble Bundle, and the Epic store as time goes on. You can find our Steam store page here.

Can I play without VR?

Yes! Lavender fully supports non-VR users. We are trying to make Lavender as user friendly as possible to both VR and non-VR users. Check out the Desktop FAQs if you need more information.

Who is behind Lavender?

Lavender is the first release from Take Over Games, our small company. Our company website is takeovergames.com.

What should I do if I can't find an answer to my question?
There are a few options available:
  1. Email us at support@takeovergames.com
  2. Check the LavenderVR wiki.
  3. Check the LavenderVR discord for an answer and ask questions to the community.
  4. Check another under another section of this page.

In Game Questions

Lavender Hotkeys

  • Left-alt: Lock unlock mouse caps
  • Left shift: Sprint
  • Caps Lock: Toggle walking / jogging
  • V: Push to Talk
  • T: Toggle no-clip
  • F2: Toggle fly camera
  • F5: Debug refresh UI(don't use too often, can cause bugs currently)
  • F7: Manual respawn
  • F9: Toggle VR/Desktop
  • F10: Toggle unscaled movement speed and jump height
  • ESC: Open/Close Panorama
  • TAB: Open/Close Tablet

How do I change my Avatar or World in the game?

  1. Run LavenderVR
  2. Access Lavender's main UI (press alt if it is not visible)
  3. Select Content Button
  4. Select Avatar, World or on top of Gallery page
  5. Browse the Gallery
  6. When you find something you like click on it
  7. Press the Host button in item description at the bottom of tablet

Can I host a server?

You are able to host your own servers. You can find in-depth instructions on how to host a server on the LavenderVR wiki.

What should I do if I'm experiencing bugs?

First, go to LavenderVR's Discord.
Check the devblog channel to see what bugs are currently being worked on.
If you don't find the issue you are experiencing go to the Bug Reports Section and choose the appropriate channel for your issue, website-issues, ingame-issues, or sdk-issues.

Desktop Questions

How to open LavenderVR in Desktop mode?

Start Steam > Game Library > Lavender Page > Play > Play in Desktop mode
Desktop mode cannot be accessed through a quick launch, like the home screen icon or start menu. LavenderVR's default launch is in VR mode which is unplayable without a VR headset.

What to do if your game opens in VR mode?

If you are playing on a Desktop and are having issues on launch, like being unable to move, you most likely are launching in VR mode. Press F9 or exit game and follow Desktop Launch Instructions in previous question to fix this.
F9: Toggles between Desktop and VR mode
Other useful Hot Keys can be found in the In Game FAQs Section

VR Questions

What headsets are supported by LavenderVR?

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, more to be added to this list soon.

SDK Questions

Please read the LavenderVR wiki

We highly recommend that you read through all of the wiki before using the SDK.
How to install SDK
Create a World
Create an Avatar

Content Questions

How to make an Avatar or World for LavenderVR?

In order to create something to use in the game you will need to use the Lavender SDK(Software Development Kit). To learn more about this go to the SDK section of the FAQs or look on the Lavender Wiki.

How to upload content to LavenderVR?

Read the Lavender Wiki to get the in depth instructions for uploading content.
Go to Upload Content page, you must have an account to access this page. Add your content file and all other necessary information. You must have all forms complete to have a successful upload. When it is complete your content should be available in game within a few minutes.

Account Questions

Why do I need an account?

An account is necessary to access everything on lavendervr.com and logging in to the the game itself.

How can I change my display name?

Account > Account Information > Basic > Change Display Name
You can change your display name at anytime. There is no profanity or inappropriate language allowed in display names.

Can I change my email address?

You cannot change the email that your LavenderVR account was created with.

How do I connect my Steam account to my LavenderVR account?

Account > Account Information > Manage Account > Log in with Steam

How to change my password?

Account > Account Information > Security > Password > Change
You will need to confirm your password change through email.

I didn't recieve a confirmation email after creating an account
Be sure to check Spam section of your email provider. The confirmation email will be from support@takeovergames.com.